Beauty takes time to form...endurance and persistance to take shape...journey to create something like no other - within you.
Wellness. Nutrition. Movement.

Individual Consultation

Receive personal attention and guidance through private sessions with Leila. Each session will be completely personalized to best achieve your wellness goals.

Available in person for any South Bay residence and via phone or Skype for anyone outside of the area.

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Family Program

A fun and interactive session for the whole family. During one-on-one interactive in- home consultations you and your family will learn:

  • Label reading of your favorite brands
  • The Traffic Light Eating Program- fun and interactive way of learning about foods that are healthy to eat all the time and foods to avoid most of the time. Receive Traffic Light Eating stickers and shopping lists to help your family continue on the path toward better health. Both parents and kids will enjoy and benefit from this simple program.
  • Pantry and/or Fridge Makeover-learn what foods to consider phasing out of your pantry as well as strategies to organize your pantry and your fridge for the weeks and months ahead.
  • L.E.A.N. program – a scientifically based, clinically proven approach to wellness that focuses on four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.

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Workplace Wellness Program

Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, offset health insurance costs and retain your best employees just by offering a quality wellness program! If you are tired of the same old programs you have tried year after year and lack personnel to develop a new program, consider bringing L.E.A.N. presentations or workshops series to your workplace. Affordable, interactive, turn-key programs that can be customized for either small businesses or large corporations. Contact me to be a presenter at your next health fair or to see how a lunch and learn workshop may benefit your business. The resulting impact of these simple, easily understood workshops will reach beyond your employees to include their entire families, leading to lasting success.

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Other Services

  • Food, supplement and product recommendations
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Pilates and Clear Body Movement- Increase flexibility and strength while bringing awareness and balance to your body
  • Corporate health and wellness workshops and presentations
  • Education regarding metabolism and digestion
  • Improving gut health and immunity
  • Balancing hormone levels through nutrition
  • Referrals to a network of clinical pharmacists, integrative medicine physicians and holistic health practitioners
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping guidance
  • Consulting on cooking, recipes and menu planning and preparation